"A true love story never ends."


Dear Readers,

Welcome to my website! I’m thrilled you’re taking a break from your fast-paced life to spend some time with my blushing brides. In this book, you won’t be attending any traditional weddings. So, get ready to laugh, cry, and experience the mind-blowing emotional state of a few of my favorite brides-to-be during the most hectic time of their lives. I can promise you, this is not your typical bridal story.

Juliana Belle is my royal curtsy to all type-A women, who wholeheartedly believe that they can have it all. Jules (Juliana prefers to be called Jules) believes that she is on a direct path to love, family, and a career. Unfortunately, she doesn’t realize how quickly her manipulative ex-husband can knock her off course. For a bridal business owner, Jules feels like a phony and avoids telling brides that she’s divorced for fear of spooking them. I think that Jules is proof that life can change on a dime. Her young son, Jack, is her glimmer of sunshine. She loves being a mom and sees no reason to date ever again. Then there’s Bianca, Jules mother, who abruptly retires from the family business and enjoys her days trying out the latest beauty treatments and her evenings with Jules’ father at their lake house.

There’s no such thing as a cookie-cutter bride anymore. All the characters are on their own unique, personal journey leading to their big wedding day. But they’re about to learn what we—I—have known all along, it’s all about the dress.

I had a wonderful time with Juliana, her rambunctious five-year-old, her drama queen mother, and all of the marvelous eccentric brides. I have spent eleven years helping Jules search for her happily ever after and cheering her on through all of her mishaps. She has inspired me to dream big. I hope she inspires you to follow your dreams, too!

Please enjoy visiting my website. And don't miss Juliana's weekly blog where she shares everything from her best can't-do-without bridal tips, to her famous recipe for beef wellington, and other helpful life advice for busy woman on the move that will leave you feeling like a million bucks whether it’s on your wedding day, a typical Monday morning at work, or just bopping around with the family.

Happy reading!

—Yvette Klobuchar

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